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Houston Project Mission – Get Well Mei-Lyn

Today in VBS, we taught the kids about miracles. At the beginning of the lesson, we extensively discussed what a miracle is, how much Jesus went around doing good and healing people, and that all the books in the world cannot contain all the good things Jesus did and continues to do for us.

As an activity after the lesson, I had each student make a get well card for any friend, neighbor or family member that they know is sick and wants to get better. I also asked each student to include one of these three scriptures in their card:

  1. These things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. – John 20:31
  2. Jesus went around doing good and healing. – Acts 10:38
  3. For nothing is impossible with God. – Luke 1:37

If the student did not know a friend or family member that was sick, I asked him to make a card for my friend’s little girl, Mei-Lyn. I told them that Mei-Lyn is one year old and that she is scheduled to have stomach surgery in a few weeks.

At the end of class, I was so touched to get 13 wonderful cards for little Mei-Lyn. Together, we hope and pray that Mei-Lyn gets full healing and restoration in her body and that she may ultimately receive eternal healing through Jesus Christ. I also pray this for her parents, as the mother is currently not a believer. Here’s to faith in reaching out to God for healing, as our lesson from the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment! (Luke 8:40-48). In Jesus’ Name.



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