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Prayer Powers

So, I moved recently, and now my commute to work is a bit longer. Before, I use to listen to Chuck Swindoll’s Insight for Living while I was in the shower (so, to be honest, I wasn’t really listening) and while I got dressed for work, I would listen to Tony Evans, who is one of my favorite pastors to listen to.

Well, with my longer commute, I now listen to Chuck and Tony as I commute into work. I’ve gradually come to like Chuck’s teachings a bit more. I wasn’t so into them before. But, I suppose God has humbled me in that area a bit. Anyway, last week, Chuck was finishing up his full study over the book of Romans. He was covering how the verses of Romans 16 mention all the people that Paul knew. A sort of prayer list you could say, of all those he knew and thought about.

Well, last Friday, I heard Tony Evans, and he spoke some about prayer. You know what Lord, I really needed to hear that. I was so compelled into prayer. As my Principles of Biblical Teaching teacher taught us. I thought about the “Took” part of Tony’s sermon. Wow, it hit me. How have I let the lies of Satan stop me from prayer? It’s like I’m ashamed of it and I don’t believe in its power.

Just the other day I had complained to my friend about how I feel like my prayers are unheard. Like they are bouncing back at me, not getting through past the clouds that I carry above my  head. And, last week, in our Bible study at the office, we discussed persistence.

Lord, I feel like I’m in battle, but in battle with You and not the enemy. How awful is that? How do I know if I’m being persistent, or if I’m just being stubborn to God’s way?

I’ve prayed for a prayer language. The gift of tongues, and I have not received it. I prayed about it so much, with so much desire, that it was giving me anxiety as to why I hadn’t received. So, I gave up. I said, Lord, I’m not going to continue praying for something you obviously don’t want me to have. (My sarcasm with God has grown tremendously this past month, and that is not good!!) And that’s just one of a handful of prayers that I feel I need desperate answers to. No time to wait Lord, these feel like emergencies!

Anyway, that Friday, after Tony Evan’s message, I felt so empowered. I was ready to take in any prayer request and have the Holy Spirit work through me in all His ways imaginable. I felt on fire for that moment. I think I prayed more that day than I had in a very, very long time. Then on Saturday morning, it hit me. I’m going to apply Swindoll’s message to my prayer life! I’m going to remember all those in my life by prayer for them. I didn’t want to stop praying. I prayed for all the “A” people on my phone book. Then Sunday, all the “B” folks.

I just wanted to pray, with the power of Jesus’ name. There is power in that name you know. And I was ready to use it!! Were prayers answered? I’m not sure if they all have been yet. Maybe God will reveal that later. But, Father, never again do I want to let the lies of Satan keep me from praying to You with power! I know everyday is a struggle. You know what I’m talking about. Persevering is not something I grew up with, so it’s been hard for me to change. But from this day forward, let me persevere into prayer Lord. Give me Your strength, because I will fall in my strength. I need You. Use me in a mighty way! I want to be a prayer warrior for your people. I want to see prayers answered! People healed! Repenting! Coming to the cross! Deliverance! and more. All those things can be through the power of Jesus’ name in prayer. I don’t want to stop writing. I want to keep proclaiming the power in His name. Jesus!!

Funny, I just remembered that the last turn I had in teaching, I taught about prayer. How easily I had let Satan defeat me with his deceit. But Lord, greater are You then he! The power of prayer will prevail!!!

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