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Less Salsa Seasoning

For the past five years of my life, I was very involved in salsa dancing. I loved the music! I listened to it all day at work and sometimes I would even practice my shines and shoulder isolations while at my desk. I often amused my coworkers as they passed by and saw me jamming away. When I went to events and socials, I danced my heart out for hours and hours. I was even on a dance team. We practiced regularly and performed locally and throughout the country.

I loved the feeling of belonging that the salsa community seemed to bring. It felt good to have so many friends who shared the same interest. I also loved that it was a popular and fun activity and that it was something my sister and I enjoyed together. I enjoyed the community, the dancing, the culture, the music, the relationships and all else that came along with it.

Now, I knew that this wasn’t a hobby I would do forever. I knew that some day I would get to a point in my life when priorities would change and cause me to step away from the salsa scene. Even before I knew Christ, I had these thoughts, I just didn’t know when it was going to be time to let go. And even after turning to Christ, God didn’t immediately change me to let go of the salsa dancing. It was a process. I often prayed for God to make His desires my desires, and slowly, those prayers surfaced into actions. He changed my passions and heart to be less and less involved with dancing.

Several times I actually felt I was compromising with God… just a few more months… after this performance… when we finish this choreography. I would even say to Him, “What kind of a sister would I be if I leave my sister’s dance team?” I already attended less salsa activities. And over time, I even started a sort of salsa ministry. It was my own unique way of evangelizing into this dark world. After all, God calls us to be a light in a dark world, not a light in an already lit world. I knew I was not of this world, but I still had to be in it. So I thought, as long as I’m at these events, I’m going to do God’s work and get a little dancing out of it too. It was as if I wanted to justify my desire to go dancing. Were my motives right? My answer is a sure no.

One way I would evangelize is that I would write random scriptures on small sheets of paper and hand them out to the people I danced with. It was my form of feeding the Word to others in an unconventional way. I actually received good feedback when I did this, and after a while, some dancers even came to expect it. How awesome was that??!!! Some gave me thanks, others gave me encouragement, or even better, others asked me questions about my faith. It was an open door to a conversation about Christ that may not have been there otherwise.

Some other ways I would evangelize was by flyering cars outside the studios with gospel tracts. (You can read more about this in my older post, Tract Record). Or, praying with the performers before their dance shows. Occasionally, I would even bring my Bible to dance practice and read scripture passages. However, I never did any of these things for too long. I would always change it up and let God work through me differently in fresh ways.

Recently, I got to the point where I felt God was saying, “Edmee, I’ve been letting you compromise with Me for far too long. I want you now to leave the dance team and open yourself to the other promises that I have for you.” Knowing this, I still took my time in letting go. I fought God for weeks, until one day, I just said, “Yes Lord.” It wasn’t easy to bring the news to my sister and my dance partner, but it needed to be done. It was a sort of bittersweet experience.

It’s been 4 months now since I said Yes to God, and 3 months since I left the dance team. At the time when I said yes to God, a few other things in the vine of my life were also pruned away. Things I wasn’t quite expecting or ready to let go of, but I know and trust God in His plans and timing of these things. In faith I stand to the promises He will bring forth and in honor I offer my life to Him. That I may die to my flesh so that I can have life in Him.

Be blessed my beloved brethren and join me in transformation to a life in the perfect will our loving Father has paved for us.

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