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A Ministry Revealed

Last Friday, I was sitting at my work computer getting ready to finish the day. I struggled in deciding what I was going to do that evening. I was going to either 1) volunteer/minister at the Harris County jail, (as I had done the past two Friday nights), or 2) write for my blog. I thought to myself… I really want to stay and write, but I can do that another time. The volunteer activity at the jail is just for tonight. hmm… my mind teetered. There were a few things that I wanted to write about for my blog, but I just hadn’t taken the time earlier in the week as I expected.

After all day (or really, all week) of procrastinating in making a decision, I decided that it was now too late for the volunteer activity and that I would just stay and write, so I did. After a few hours of indwelling myself in my blog, I received the most amazing revelation!! … it was as if the Lord smiled at me and said, “Edmee, I am glad you chose to write this evening. I know you want to go out and serve Me, but the jail ministry is not the place I have for you now. Your ministry is your blog. I am glad you obeyed Me tonight.” WOW!!! I love revelations like that! So clear! How awesome!

The Holy Spirit also revealed to me that although my volunteering at the jail was good and I was willing to serve there, that wasn’t where He was leading me. I served at the jail twice, and I served in love, but it wasn’t from the pure passion in which God wants us to serve. I served mostly out of wanting to be a “light,” and because I knew there was a need.

For the past year or so, I had been serving in different opportunities here and there wanting to get experience but not really knowing my fit. I believe sometimes we try different activities/service opportunities to get clarity and see if passion arises. And, once we know where God wants to use us and that clarity is revealed, it truly is amazing! I’m not sure if this is my “calling” or destiny forever, but I do know that this is what He is calling me to at the present.

After this burst of knowledge, on my way home, I thought … really God, my ministry is my blog? … I don’t get to go anywhere or be with anyone? But then, in the morning, as I was brushing my teeth, I reconsidered those negative thoughts. I actually have an awesome ministry! I can write about anything, from anywhere at any time! How cool is that?! And, although I mainly write for my One, the blog reaches the world. Wow! I sure don’t know all that God plans to do through me with this, but I lay it at His feet! I am surely excited to share what the Spirit rests upon me to you!

Here is another amazing thing, that Friday (the day that the Holy Spirit brought me my ministry revelation) was the day I chose to finally finalize an icon for my blog. I made the icon and titled it “Afire Within,” just like my blog title. God is solidifying this thing and I am amazed!! Like I have mentioned before, this blog wasn’t my idea one bit. The Holy Spirit lead me to it. Thank you Jesus!!!

For about six months I had really struggled and prayed in knowing what God wanted to do with me. Now I know and I feel truly blessed. I know without a doubt that I can continue in this writing knowing that it is bringing glory to Him. How He will move it forward or who will it touch – I don’t know. But, I have an excitement in my heart about it.

In our first meeting the other night in my new theology class, our teacher asked us to share our ministry, and I was so thankful and confident to say, “God revealed to me just the other day that my ministry is my blog!”

Everyones ministry and calling is different. I am praying for you beloved, that the Good Shepherd may reveal to you your service of love!!

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