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Shoma a Rhema Word

Yesterday morning as I was starting my day, half asleep and praying, the Lord revealed a Rhema word to me. Being that I am horrible at dictation, the Lord revealed the word to me by plainly spelling it out … s-h-o-m-a. In semi conscious state, I reached for my pencil and notepad and wrote it down – Shoma. Okay I thought, I don’t know what this word means, but I believe it to be Hebrew. I’ll have to look it up. The next day, I plugged it into my online concordance, and there it was:

Strong’s Number: 8089
Trasliterated Word: Shoma
Definition: 1. report, rumour, news, fame
Verse count: 4

I was getting excited as I went on to discover more. I looked up the verses and read this:

Joshua 9:9 (NAS) … Your servants have come from a very far country because of the fame of the LORD your God; for we have heard the report of Him and all that He did …

Wow, this meant so much to me!! In just two days, I was going to be traveling half way across the world to Israel to see and experience the places where My Lord Jesus walked, taught, did many miracles and saved the world from sin. I was going to Israel because of the news of the Lord and all the wonders He did there. This passage spoke straight to me. What joy to know that this trip was ordained by God for me. The reference of Shoma in Joshua 9:9 seemed so fitting!! I personalized it to read like this …

I, your servant have come from a very far country because of the fame of You, my LORD, my God; for I have heard the report of You and all that You have done

I was amazed, in awe and wide eyed. What a blessing to receive this word and scripture from God, and what a gift from Him that I get to experience Israel, Jerusalem – His beloved city!! A gift indeed!! Number:  8s089

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