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Felt Bible Story Posters

A coworker sent me this, and I liked it very much and wanted to share it with you. The Felt Project is a series of simplistic teaser posters illustrating stories from the Bible. It’s one of those ideas I look at and think … if only I would have thought of that!

It would be neat to buy a group of these posters and put them all around a Bible study room and use them as illustrations that remind us of God’s faithfulness, grace and promises. Great idea and well thought out. Praise God, for giving us talents to glorify Him! Below are a few of my current favorites. (Available for sale/donations by the designer.)

Breath of Life
from Genesis 2: Adam and Eve

From the dust of the newborn world he’d created, God formed the man Adam and gave him life. Though he lived in paradise and was given land and animals, Adam was alone. But God created a companion for him, and the two became the roots of all mankind. (Read the Story)

from Genesis 8–9: Covenant of the Rainbow

Once the floodwaters had subsided, Noah and his family left the ark. God blessed them and vowed to never again flood the earth, setting a rainbow in the sky as the recurring sign of his promise to mankind. (Read the Story)

The Tower
from Genesis 11: The Tower of Babel

At this point in time, all men on earth spoke a single language. Together, they began to build a city with a huge tower, so that they could gather together and become more powerful. (Read the Story)

Other similar Bible book posters that may suit your fancy:

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