Less Salsa Seasoning

For the past five years of my life, I was very involved in salsa dancing. I loved the music! I listened to it all day at work and sometimes I would even practice my shines and shoulder isolations while at my desk. I often amused my coworkers as they passed by and saw me jamming... Continue Reading →

Tract #1

A chosen labor of love, my first tract written for the beginning of 2010. I have made this tract available in PDF if you'd like to use it for your own ventures. --- start tract --- Are you searching for something new this year? Something out of the normal? Something WAY better than what you... Continue Reading →

Tract Record

Last November, I went to the Joyce Meyer Conference in Houston and on my way out, there were evangelists handing out tracts. As we walked, my friend was handed a tract. He glanced at it and tucked it away in the front pocket of his Bible cover. I was curious about it, so I asked... Continue Reading →


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