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Transforming Prince

For Christmas, a friend lovingly gave me a “Magic Frog-to-Prince” gag gift. I looked at it, laughed and smiled. My friend knew that for a while I had been feeling down about the ending of a past relationship, and she thought this little gift would be perfect to lift my spirits. What a sweet gesture from my friend. Add water and the frog magically turns into a prince in a just few minutes. How adorable and funny!

I tried the experimental toy a few days later. The instructions read: add water and watch as the frog transforms into a prince in minutes. I did just that. Slowly, the water started to turn green and muggy as layers of the frog dissolved into the water. The water turned bright green and gross, and I could no longer see if anything was going on. The longer I looked at it, the grosser it seemed, so I stopped watching. Besides, it was taking longer than I expected, so I went on to do other things and I left the jar alone.

When you think about it, isn’t it funny how this little scenario actually relates to daily life? As we wait for our “prince,” God doesn’t want us to stop what we are doing and wait, He wants us to do other things. Enjoy God and life as God magically transforms your frog into a prince. Watching isn’t going to make the process go faster. Like the toy, the transformation of our real prince will probably take longer than expected, and it may be a “gross” process. No one ever said that transformation would be clean, cute and easy. No, transforming is lots of grossness, dissolving of layers and difficult (to go through and to watch).

So after a few hours, I looked at my jar again. It looked like gross, green water. But in really looking through, I could see the silhouette of a small person figure. I poured out the green water, and there he was – a little prince. I filled the jar with new, clean water and let it sit to grow to full size as the instructions read.

In order for the frog to turn into a prince, it had to be submerged in water and go through a transformation. Maybe I’m stretching it, but think of that as being like a baptism of faith. The “frog” starts transformation once baptism of Christ takes place. Then a prince that was hidden is revealed, and by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit he grows. Just like us before Christ (the frog), we accept Christ, we become baby Christians (prince), and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we grow to be mature Christians (full grown prince). Of course, the process with the toy in the jar all happens within a few days, but for us, the process takes much longer.

Sisters, let us be hopeful and patient as we wait for the Lord to transform our frog into a prince and allows him to grow. Don’t settle for a frog!

With love to His beloved.
In Christ.

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