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Take Root

Isn’t it amazing, the things that God develops in us without us even knowing it?

Has God ever done something in you that you never even knew He was doing? And later, at some point, you open your eyes to discover that God was building this thing inside of you the entire time? Without much thought, you say to yourself …He just popped something inside of me that seemed to appear out of nowhere. But in reality, it was being developed over time. Maybe we were oblivious to its own development because our mind and eyes were fixed on other things, not knowing that a birthing was taking place.

I know a few weeks ago, I mentioned in my first post that I had never (again, I stress never) considered myself much of a writer, specifically, a writer with a passion. (And in all honesty, maybe you are actually thinking that I’m still not much of a writer, so why am I making such a big fuss.) My passion to write is simply from the perspective of a servant who wants to write plainly about what God reveals, in light that it will touch your soul in some way. As small and insignificant as it may seem now, I believe and walk in faith that God is using this in me as a seed for something much bigger, and that this is its soil… the birth place where it takes root.

God has opened this for me as an outlet. To reach out to Him and to others. To release fears and press forward. To express myself in words… writing, talking, singing, praying, teaching and possibly more. To discover more of Him and more of my true self.

I pray that God releases you to discover something that’s already taking root within you.

In the Beginning

Hello there everyone! Welcome to my blog, Afire Within!

Aside from viewing (and designing) blogs every once in a while, blogs are somewhat uncharted waters for me. You see, I’ve mostly considered blogs for those who like to write and have something to write about, and I never considered myself to have either of these gifts. However, something new is now taking place. (Isaiah 43:19). I have come to love in sharing the passions that God has placed in my heart and what He has me learn from. So, in this, I walk by faith in the Holy Spirit’s leading to start this blog. For as the more I’ve come to seek God, the more open and receiving I’ve become of His love and gifts. I’m only now beginning to express some of what He has already laid out for me, things I had never thought possible for myself or ever considered – this blog marking the beginning.

If you’d like, I invite you to follow me through my journey. I hope you enjoy my postings with a kindred heart and spirit.

In Love,

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