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Houston Project Mission – Get Well Mei-Lyn

Today in VBS, we taught the kids about miracles. At the beginning of the lesson, we extensively discussed what a miracle is, how much Jesus went around doing good and healing people, and that all the books in the world cannot contain all the good things Jesus did and continues to do for us.

As an activity after the lesson, I had each student make a get well card for any friend, neighbor or family member that they know is sick and wants to get better. I also asked each student to include one of these three scriptures in their card:

  1. These things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. – John 20:31
  2. Jesus went around doing good and healing. – Acts 10:38
  3. For nothing is impossible with God. – Luke 1:37

If the student did not know a friend or family member that was sick, I asked him to make a card for my friend’s little girl, Mei-Lyn. I told them that Mei-Lyn is one year old and that she is scheduled to have stomach surgery in a few weeks.

At the end of class, I was so touched to get 13 wonderful cards for little Mei-Lyn. Together, we hope and pray that Mei-Lyn gets full healing and restoration in her body and that she may ultimately receive eternal healing through Jesus Christ. I also pray this for her parents, as the mother is currently not a believer. Here’s to faith in reaching out to God for healing, as our lesson from the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment! (Luke 8:40-48). In Jesus’ Name.


Houston, We’re on a Mission – Houston Project 2012

It’s Houston Project time again, and this year I am Über excited to be teaching VBS to 10-11 years! I have never taught kids before, but I am up for the challenge and eager to see God’s amazing work in the hearts of these kids. I will be teaching four evenings in a row with this curriculum:

  • Day 1: Creation (and Adam & Eve and the Ten Commandments if time allows)
  • Day 2: The Birth of Christ (Yes, Christmas in July!)
  • Day 3: The Healing from the Hem of His Garment
  • Day 4: God’s Plan for Salvation

So far I’ve only done day one and I absolutely loved it. The kids were very well behaved and they caught on to the teaching quickly. I am so blessed by them and their shining faces! (I hope to show you some pictures soon.) And, I am very grateful for all the awesome teaching assistant tools available online.

For your learning pleasure, here are a few fun teaching tools you can interact with:

Enjoy!! 😀

Preparing for Granada, Spain: My Missionary Letter

Dear Beloved Friends and Family,

I am excited to share with you that this summer, I will be journeying on my first overseas missionary experience! For twelve days this June, our group of twelve disciples (including me and my friend, Carla – Jesus sent the twelve out two by two, ref. Mark 6:7) will travel throughout the city of Granada in southern Spain to share the amazing love, testimony and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of our key responsibilities will include:

  • Support, encourage and build relationships with the staff and church members of Iglesia Evangélica Bautista de Granada (IEBG),
  • Prayer walks and street evangelism throughout Granada,
  • Minister and serve IEBG’s Gypsy Christian church by leading services, teaching English and helping with their food pantry,
  • Participate/serve in a youth/college weekend retreat.

In addition to the items mentioned above, each person on the team will also have specific responsibilities, making this experience very hands-on and allowing each of us to stretch beyond our comfort levels to serve Christ.

While most mission trips you hear about take place in poverty-stricken remote areas where meeting the physical needs of the people is the primary goal, this missionary journey is mostly focused on helping to meet the spiritual needs of the people, which are found only through Jesus Christ, and to encourage them in their walk as they come to know Christ and follow Him. (Read about religion in Spain.)

As the Spirit leads, I would love to have your support either financially, spiritually, or both. As our church pastor likes to remind us – you are either serving, giving or praying. If you’d like to give a financial gift, any amount will be greatly appreciated. The cost of the trip is $2,500 and covers transportation, lodging and some food expenses. If you are led to support me spiritually though prayer, please pray for unity within the team, for boldness, guidance, and that everything I do is by the grace of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

It is an honor to be Jesus’ humble servant for this trip and your love, support and generosity will go a long way in my heart and in the heart of God. Thank you so very much.

With love,
In Christ,

2 Cor. 13:14
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Instructions for an online financial gift:
Go to: http://www.houstonsfirst.org/missions

  • Click on Mission Opportunities > Give Online (Donate to Mission Trips)
  • From there, you will be directed to the Online Mission Trip Contribution secure page. Choose to either Login and pay OR Pay as guest.
  • Once you get to the payment form, please select your contribution for Spain and direct your gift to Edmee Micheli.

Celebration Christmas Experience

I have one word – amazed! This was my first year to attend the Celebration Christmas production at Houston’s First Baptist Church and I must say I was amazed! I was like a little kid at the edge of my seat, wide-eyed, taking in every detail. Now this may seem like a short-handed complement since I’ve only seen two church Christmas productions (both of them this year), but in all honesty my review is well intended. Celebration was the best Christmas production I have ever seen.

The first hour of the production was light-hearted and filled with things such as people dancing in penguin costumes and the children’s choir singing as they watched Santa come to town, (or more like descend on his sleigh from the rafters above the audience to center stage). Then, after a five-minute greet and stretch session divides the show, the lights dim and the production gets serious. From the center of the sanctuary, a spotlight shines on Isaiah as he speaks in Hebrew and prophesies about the messiah to come. His voice radiates in song and I feel the God-bumps on my arms. After Isaiah come other prophets, and then, the silence of God for 400 years as the Jews settle in Israel. Live animals and extravagant stage sets illustrate the time. Mary comes in riding on a donkey as she enters Bethlehem and gives birth to the Son of God, Jesus. Angels on wires and carts all through the sanctuary give praise. Elephants and elaborate costumes depict the arrivals of the wise men and so on… I don’t want to give everything away!

A few days later in Singer’s practice a few of us shared our thoughts on the show. I was excited to share my experience and even more excited to hear what others had to say of the show and its message. What testimonies! Glory to God!!

So, all this to say, I’m inviting my whole family next year and I pray that all who have attended and will attend in the future are touched by Jesus’ story and Celebration!

Below are a few photos from the 2010 Celebration:

Santa’s sleigh (© All rights reserved by Houston’s First)

Isaiah (© All rights reserved by Houston’s First)

Angels (© All rights reserved by Houston’s First)

Hell: The Eternal “Scream World”

Image credit to ScreamWorld

If you drive around Houston area freeways, no doubt you have seen a billboard somewhere in the city advertising Scream World. It sure is a “scream world” when you have no hope! That’s what most people who have experienced visions of Hades (God’s holding cell for the wicked until judgement time comes when all who denied Him will be cast into the lake of fire) or Hell say.

While most of the American population gets psyched up for Halloween and the haunted house scares, do they know that each day they live without accepting the Truth of salvation is a day closer to their eternal abyss in Hell? Yes, the screams and fears of a Halloween night are only temporary, but those screams will not be temporary when death curses them into the eternal place of torment. There, they will be in a forever “scream world” with no hope in sight. Hell was only meant for Satan and his angels (better known as demons), Matthew 25:41, but that’s where all who reject Jesus will go after the Great White Throne Judgement proves them guilty.

It pains my spirit that so many delight in the cheap thrills and horrors of Satan’s schemes, including Halloween, a day most regard as harmless enjoyment of candy, jokes and dressing up. The lost live for the short-term satisfactions of this world, they bathe in wickedness, and taunt the enemy for more. Do they know that Satan is laughing at every oblivious step that they take towards him? In this moment, those people probably care less to think about where their eternity will be, but if they fully knew about the torments in Hell, would they choose to turn around and meet Jesus instead?

Nassau Bay Baptist Church (among others throughout) offers an alternative experience to secular haunted houses called “Judgement House.” Here, relief of Hell is granted by another way other than simply walking out the other side of the building 10 minutes later. Here, relief to eternal Hell is offered through the saving grace of Jesus – the only way out of Hell’s own eternal “scream world.”

While Satan uses Halloween horrors to draw people closer to his merciless wickedness, we can be sure that God is also using it to pull His created into discovering His good nature. My prayer is that many will awaken from the schemes of the devil and turn to Jesus to save them before it’s too late!

90 Minutes that Change a Life

We don’t often get to choose the ministry in which God leads us to serve His purpose best.

I have known of the book 90 Minutes in Heaven for a few years, but I had never read it. This past week, the book randomly popped into my mind. I mentioned the thought to a friend who promptly informed my that Mr. Piper would be speaking at a close by church this very weekend.

Hmm, is this one of those things that the Lord is trying to tell me and I’m not heeding the signs? I already had plans for the weekend, but His Spirit was apparently leading me elsewhere. After some thought, I decided to buy 90 Minutes in Heaven on audio and I quickly engulfed myself in it.

Based on a true story, Don Piper, after being in a horrific accident and announced dead on the scene by four paramedics, goes to Heaven and ninety minutes later is resuscitated back to life by a pastor friend who prays over his dead body. Today, Don Piper lives to tell his story.

His eye-opening description of heaven and his time of painful recovery ministers to thousands every day. In fact, part of his book focuses on these very testimonies. Mr. Piper had actually died, gone to Heaven and come back – but not by choice. He desperately wanted to go back to Heaven, but God’s direct answer was a clear, “No.” After some time in depression, and then finally accepting his fate (he wasn’t going to die and go to Heaven any time soon), Mr. Piper begins to use his experience as a way to help others through their difficulties. In some cases, he also helps open the gates of Heaven to others (lead them to Christ). His survival through such physical and emotional trauma has given so many a faith and hope of things to come.

Only the Lord knows how many Mr. Piper has guided to faith through his remarkable and one-of-a-kind story. He will indeed be greeted by many when he sees Heaven again, and he will welcome many more through those same luminescent gates he gazed at once before.

From Mr. Piper’s book and experiences, I’ve come to these three main conclusions to reflect upon.

  1. God hears and answers prayers!
  2. God is still in the miracle business!
  3. We don’t often choose our ministry/purpose the Lord has for us.

Is this what the Lord wanted me to hear? Perhaps. Will see as He continues to reveal His purpose for my life.

In love,

Houston, We Have a Mission

I recently participated in the Houston Project – a sort of missionary opportunity around our own city of Houston. For a week, volunteers went to designated areas around Houston to share the gospel and love of Christ. There was worship, VBS, praying, evangelism, food and play time afterward. It was an organized opportunity to share the Word of God right where we are – in Houston.

I have known about this event for a few years but had never participated. This year, I decided to sign up because I was moved by a dream that our pastor shared with the congregation. In his dream he saw the enemy telling him that downtown Houston is his. In shock of those words, my spirit rose up. Downtown Houston may be the devil’s playing field now, but it won’t be for long and I’m going to take part in the action to restore people to Christ.

Although I didn’t participate in the Houston Project downtown designated areas, I did volunteer with a group at Los Arcos apartments in Southwest Houston. The complex was very big and lower-income. Lots of the residents there were refugees from other countries. Upon arriving I was surprised to see so many people out and about the place. Kids in the playground, teenagers walking around talking to friends and adults lounging outside their homes in conversations with neighbors. Many of the residents there were from Bhutan ( A country located northeast of India and borders China.)

Below are some photos from the Houston Project at Los Arcos.

Praying at the end of a VBS lesson.

VBS lesson

Young girl reads her Bible during VBS.

Girls with their new Bibles and smiles.

A young boy with his new NIV Adventure Bible. I’m not sure how many Bibles we gave away to the kids, but it was a lot. What a blessing!!

Mike shares the gospel by using an evangelizing cube.

Everyone loved the evangelizing cube. It was an effective way to share the gospel through images, since many did not know a lot of English.

We gave out hundreds of toys to the kids on the last day of the event.

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